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On 4/17/2018 at 8:16 PM, Soft said:


ITNJugfLSRAKMZbCXmMD8_snRzg9DVunedwT1T5f Lost Connections


Characters:  @Soft as Takumi Sakasei @Adriano as Carl Milax @TaJ as Mark Calaway


This incident happened three days after "Business Base Tour". This Role Play will be counted as an assassination job.


It was three days after a business man named "Mark" came to Black~Bullets base for a business tour. I was still waiting for Mark's business call, while chilling around, suddenly my phone rings, it's a phone call from an unknown caller...

(Open spoilers to see dialogues)

*Phone rings*

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Takumi: Who is this ?

Unknown Caller: *With a female robotic voice speaking* It doesn't matter who am I, you don't have to know about me, but I know about you.

Takumi: Look, I am a very busy business man, I don't have time for this prank calling shit.

Unknown Caller: Takumi Sakasei, born in Osaka, Japan. Immigrated into United States in the year of 2005. Former student of Los Santos Institute of Economy Research. Currently working for Camel LLC.

Takumi: What ? why did you know about my pass, what is your purpose ?

Unknown Caller: Do not disconnect, or you will regret your actions and face the lose of career.

Takumi: *Take a deep breath and short silence*

Unknown Caller: The white man you let in for a business tour, Mark Calaway, is not as simple as you think. Calaway is a Superior Officer Staff in National Narcotics Bureau. The purpose of his visit is for gathering information regarding your company's illicit operating facility.

Takumi: How do you know that ?

Unknown Caller: Same way I dig out your information.

Takumi: Aight, you tell me all these stuff, are you going to instruct me what should I do ?

Unknown Caller: Why would I ? This is your profession, you know what to do...

Takumi: I appreciate the info, but please, leave me alone.


*Dial number of Carl Milax*


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Carl: Sup ?

Takumi: Aye Carl, you up for a job ? I will pay.

Carl: *Tiredly mumble* Where ? When ? How ?

Takumi: I'm in LS right now, meet me at the car park in Santa Maria.

Carl: Aight, I coming.

After the phone call, I make my way to the meet point to see Carl. After a 20 minutes drive distance, I arrived at Santa Maria and met Carl.

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After some plannings, me and Carl set the meet point with Mark in a park west of Rodeo premium street. Carl will invite out Mark to the place and have a talk with him about information regarding CripZ's  drug market plan in Los Santos area (Fake Lure)

After we arrive at scene, I drop off Carl and let him walk into the park and I park my car behind the area and take cover behind a stone


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While waiting for Carl to do the talk with Mark, I pay attention to the micro sound recorder to choose the right time for execution. 60 seconds after the talk between Carl and Mark, I disabled the safety fuse of my sniper rifle and aims at Mark.

After 1 shot in the left chest, Mark is still breathing, so I shot him in the head once again to put him down.

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After the execution, me and Carl travels to Mark's house to retrieve his spying devices.

  Reveal hidden contents





After the job is done, I bring Carl back to the car park in Santa Maria, and get done with the payment I promised.

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*Phone rings*

  Reveal hidden contents

Takumi: Yes, who is this ?

Unknown Caller: Hi, looks like you get your job done just in time. If you was late, Calaway could get done with his report.

Takumi: Yeah, thanks god.

Unknown Caller: You may call me Info-Chan for now on, I will be giving you information about jobs and upcoming events. Later on

Takumi: Whatever you say, I'm out.



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