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Transporting Medicines

On 07/07/2016 at 11:49 PM, Stay said:


Roleplay/Story Title: Transporting Medicines

Atlantic members present:  [ATLN]Stay|RP, [ATLN]ATZ|RP

Other players present:  [CDC]Julio, [CDC]Flint [CDC]Vinny



It all started, after we get the call from Comando Da Capital, his leader Julio contacted with me, they wanted us to make a transpor, about some stuff's so basically we said yes, so ATZ and i 'Stay' we took the Benson, and we start move to the Specific Place, Located in Red County

  Reveal hidden contents



When we arrived the County, the guys of Comando da Capital, were waiting for us. so we start to talk with them, ATZ said:''Show us the Stuff's and what it is exactly''. And Julio said ''Sure i'll do it follow me'', so we went inside the Business, and they have a lot of Boxes there, with Medicine. what they want was the next ''We transporting them to their Territory. so we agreed, then we start to load the boxes ''100Kg'' of medicines. we load it up, and we went to Los Santos

  Reveal hidden contents


mta-screen_2016-07-07_19-11-05.pngWhen we were near their Territory his leader called the rest of guys of Comando da capital to check out the streets, when we arrived all was alone. and we continue with the work. so we have to Unload the Boxes in one Big House, to be specific in their Roof, so we take out the boxes and we placed them there.

  Reveal hidden contents



When we end with the Work, his leader Julio called us to get down in the first floor, to get our pay, so he said that we did a great work. he shake his hand with my teammate 'ATZ' and we left the Place with the money in our pockets

  Reveal hidden contents




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The collection of a Friend

Roleplay with All Load Trucking



I was in a quiet shopping day, I went to the market to buy some danones for my daughter when I got a call from a restricted number, with that I was very scared but answered the phone there.


vfhanLS.jpgWhen I answered it does not recognize their voice who was then picked and waited for the person speak his own name



Bizzle: Marko Oh, are you motherfucker you scared me calling me with this limited number, I thought it was some kind of investigation or some cop behind me.

Marko: No no of course,i can meet you? I need to ask you something very important, but we can not be here, I had to be personally

Bizzle: Of course,where to meet man? 

Marko: Hmmm,Meet me at entrance of my work,i can talk here.

Bizzle:But where? I do not remember right know you are an experienced truck driver motherfucker !!!

Marko: Red County, here is so gigant ALT Base.

I went to my house, changed clothes and left the house in merchandise for my daughter and wife and made a long trip..




When I got there I asked him to tell me what was going on, and he asked for us to enter because it could not be spoken in public.




*On the way to the meeting room.*


Marko:  Man, I called you here to tell you one occurred to me, I was in a tired night when my exchange of my truck was broken and I could not continue my trip, so I contacted one of the available nearby mechanics, and you do not know WHAT happened, the motherfucker stole all my goods and my truck, I needed you to charge this guy for me and thought my stuff he stole, I nEED tHE BODY oF iT HERE !!!!

Bizzle: Oh my god...

Marko: Yeah,could you help me with this service? 

Bizzle: Of course,you remember face of this mechanic or any good information.

Marko: I only know his name,is Jack Dickens..


So I followed the mechanic in every corner of the city, and found a workshop where such a Jack attended recently.

I recived photo's of workshop:






I put the mechanic in the trunk and called marko ...

Bizzle:I get the fucking mech,I'm with him in captivity I have, you can come here now?

Marko: Of course,im comming


Photos of the Captivity:



I showed the marko where was all the tools and his belongings, he was very happy to see that, but he was very interested it is the mechanic who was arrested in captivity.




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 Stealing Medicines
We got a call from one of our boys that was in the streets (a.k.a informants), he said some guys was going to transport a load of medicine, without protection, an easy load to steal, so I went to our warehouse get our van and pick up a member to go with me as guard.
@Human_ @Gubby





We start fallowing them, to stop the truck and get the medicine


After this we went in our escape route (wont show it because it's secret hh)



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dQoCbhF.pngAfter sucess a stolen goods, cops was in streets patrolling, i wanted to celebrate and my niggas too, but at that moment was too dangerous get in the streets, so we contacted N.w.A to transport a load of drugs from our warehouse to our hidden house at favela, paying well of course, because it was a dangerous job with many risks. @nyx



First we call'd them to our house, we made a deal was going to pay a certainvalue and going to give them a % of the drugs they bring for us, a fair deal.
They did it, they have own route that is safe it was pretty fast and easy for them.
When they arrive at our house again, with the drugs now, we starting dealing and the weighing of the drugs.
After the weighing, they start unload the drugs at the house.
So, i gave their money and help'd them load their part of the deal in their carHxZR2nZ.jpg



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On 12/07/2016 at 10:34 PM, Halo_ said:



We were patrolling in San fierro city when we saw 3 guys with attitude very suspect driving, we pulled to them and searched in their truck. While i was checking his truck, the Agent Yei was checking their ID on our system.



Our system showed a problem, mr underpants, motion and vinny were wanted by National Security and we arrested them.

Mr Underpants, motion were taken to our suburban and we were trying to take them to the NNB HQ but the sir vinny tried to kill us but we opened fire and vinny surrendered. 


The Agent Yei  wrote their names on our system. while i called to National Security and  to their lawyer.


The possible terrorists were taken under custody by NNB while they were waiting to National Security. Mr underpants tried to give me a bribe but for my service to my country, i said No.





To protect with courage, to serve with compassion.

- San Andreas Federal Police -


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19 hours ago, Bor said:


Drugs for Los Santos (Part 1)


Texas Cartel has a warehouse in San Fierro just around the corner from the its Head Quarters where it keeps it’s drugs stored away from the rest of the world for its own use.


Borrito was informed rather to his surprise on late Wednesday by a gang from Los Sanots called Commando de Capital about a forthcoming deal. He was surprised when he heard they were interested in buying 60kg of both cocaine and amphetamine. What seemed as an odd cosindance that the very same day in the morning hours both products where unloaded in the Head Quarters themselves. Both gangs decided to meet up in San Fierro TC’s HQ as its first- the closest and safes place for such deals protected by professional TC rifle men. CDC turned up point blank at 20 o’clock, where shown around the base then finally got down to business going over the procedures and expectations towards TC.


 The next visited place was the warehouse. Here every CDCs member got to taste some weed Texas Cartel had growing in the backyard of the warehouse. “First class” they all said. Without any further ado they opened the boxes carrying cocaine and amphetamine all transported early morning from a Mexican village, it only required Mr.Underpants to take quick glance, and he wanted it. There was nothing else left to do as to hand over the goods.


Meanwhile in TC warehouse office Borrito and Mr.Underpants sat each other face to face. It was still unclear why CDC wanted drugs in the first place, there were plenty drug gangs in Los Sandots itself but also in nearby Las Venturas.  It turned out the drug market in Los Santos had its great big boom and all gangs and smaller dealers were simply out of it. Too give them an advantage CDC wanted as much it could get and as fast it could while the prices where high.  A price was thrown out on the table 1,5mil$. A unsteady look appeared on the faces in the office. Mr Underpants wanted the price to go down to 900k and fought for his deal but after a deep explanation presented by Romaz about the fact that if TC wanted to sell it, it would make much more cash by doing it itself than letting CDC do its spreading around therefore it would only be cut by 100k max. At the end it settled at 1,4mil with 20kg of weed given as left over from past months gratis. Payday was decided to be on Saturday Los Santos airport point 8pm where Texas Cartel where to bring the loaded and protected goods.




  Reveal hidden contents





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20 minutes ago, Thomas# said:


Roleplay Number: 187


Participants :  [CDC]Meet,[CDC]VinnyBL,[CDC]Meet,[NNB]Amon,[NNB]Yei,HD-001(Vektor),HU-214(Royalty)


- Cops Will Never Learn -

Today we had a meeting between CDC they wanted to buy Weapons from us so we meet in LS docks,So they wanted to buy Glock-18  and I show him after 10 minutes talking some NNBs agents caught us and they forced use to surrender so I wishepered to my friend Bizzle saying *are you ready ?* he answered me *Yes* After that we took the agents to LS beach to take them in the ocean and rape them  and let the sharks eat their body so after we killed the cops some of HLS came to us we were scared and we didn’t do anything because it’s too dangerous they fly to their HQs and I told my mates to jump out from the helicopter and to run away all of us saved but our friend vinnyBL got arrested we couldn’t do anything so we shake each other and we promised to kill those cops one day to revenge for our friend


  Reveal hidden contents




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Roleplay with Organization Zero

The car for the perfect getaway.


On June 21, I was hanging out on the street with a member of our gang, when out of nowhere I see a call from an unknown number then resolve to meet to check WHAT would be some kind of business or something.


Rubisel:Hello? Who speaks? It is a representative of The Capital Command?

Bizzle: Yes, what would you like? as you have our number?

Rubisel: A good friend of you gave me, saying that I could call when he needed a special service cloning or assembling cars, it is right?

Bizzle:Yes, you want some kind of service? you are something public or some kind of gang?

Rubisel: Certainly, we are an official and rich gang, we rob banks, you could come to our company for a good conversation, we can not do business on the phone.

We decided to go to Organization Zero Base to the meeting..




Once there we began to talk, and saw that they were a very rich gang and it was something confident, so he told us that he was about to steal a very big deal, and needed a car to escape, but it was not a car common was bulletproof, and had to have some great weapons to members shoot at the police, and he asked us if we could do it for him

Rubisel: Welcome, thank you for receiving my call and accepting the offer

Vinny: Faceless problems, we are very humble and we were interested in business then What you need us?

Rubisel: I am planning on a robbery soon and I need a armored sultan| Someone told me that you are proffesional on this things | Armored sultan with machingun behind, big tires to prevent cops shotI need a car for special situations such as escape police and stuff you know? tires Bulletproof

Bizzle: Right,say more infomations please.

Rubisel: Armored sultan with machingun behind, big tires to prevent cops shot etc...

It was easy for the people who had enough services like these, and also we had a few cars of that model stocked for theft of our property, then accept certainly do that service, he also said he had a garage and wanted to show us the car type he needed, so we went to this garage to have more information to facilitate our service and workmanship...


Rubisel:Like this one,bulletproof is possible on this model? 

Vinny: Of course yes,its easy for us 

We accept the deal and we had the perfect information to make that work, so when we were getting ready to go he called and asked if he could check our workshop work, so we took him to the place of workshop for him to see what it was like our labor and all our materials used for that type of service.




So we went behind the car, I remembered that I had an old house of one of our members was a hidden, so I went to the site to see if the car was still there.


The car was there ready for us to make changes and deliver to the customer.


We finished the reform on the car and its Ready  !!! 



I called to rubisel to tell him, we are going to Organization Zero Base with the Car


Vinny he told all the modifications that had been made, and he was impressed with our service.


The satisfied customer called us to a private room to make payment directly to us in cash.




Thanks for your time @Rubisel we are very grateful for the quality of PR that you gave to us.


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Future Relations Diplomacy

 Roleplay with The Omertá



After a long time and long disscussion in The Omerta HQ team. We have like Commando da Capital with their everything. Their Brasilian style, maturity, friendships, skills, activity and they are very helpful. In a day after 5 hours and more turf war, We got a amazing help hand from Commando Da Capital. Than we decided yeah thats the time. When we have done with turf war in Los Santos with Commando da Capital's and other friends's help hand.

We have called Commando da Capital to The Omerta base for meeting. They have accepted our invitation for meeting and came to The Omerta base at 02:00 late night. There we have started talk about what we think about Commando da Capital and Commando da Capital's & The Omerta's future. In the following weeks we wanted more official things about being more than friendly gangs. Allience request has given to Commando da Capital HQs. They were glad to hear that and also they said we like The Omerta too. Commando da Capital HQs wanted some time for disscuss it with their members and left The Omerta base.




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Erasing traces

7HLSQoQ.jpg Amid the daily chaos of san andreas, the manager of the criminal faction CDC received a phone call, the gang's lawyer, saying that a pilot had valuable information and could testify against a detainee brother
Then he met Some members  to be able to do the dirty work. The order was to get all the information that the pilot had, and run it then.






Then after he explain the whole plan for the group, they got some cars and drove towards the airport where according to the informant, the pilot was




So arriving at the airport, they found the pilot ending the daily service.
Then they surprised the pilot and began to say that the pilot was about to die, because he knew something more, but gave him the opportunity to deliver the evidence and come out alive of the situation.
But the pilot did not accept the proposal and said it would not hand over the evidence.




Then the bandits took the pilot to a secret place, and forced him to say where was the evidence




So after hours he said he was in his house, and spent the address to us, then they were supposed to address and began to look for evidence




So after hours looking for the evidence they finally found when they found the pilot tried to escape, but has not quite right for him ...

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Stealing a load of drugs with N.W.A
Got a information that an cartel was using ALTN to transport their drugs to Los Santos, N.W.A was not happy with it also, we had to send them a message, we went steal their drugs, everything was well planned for  not fail.
First we meet up in CDC base for make the plan, the plan was simple, Obama and Laggiaze in a bike went stop the truckers asking for help, once it happens we went surprise them with the rest of the niggas on the car, we did it, then Obama and Nyx went as passanger of the trucks to make sure they would drive to N.W.A base for we unload the trucks and make sure they wouldnt do anything stupid, we escorted them to N.W.A base, the profits was about 100.000$, we decide to share 50% for N.W.A and 50% for CDC, the drivers? well we will never hear of them again.

@nyx @Gubby @TaJ  @Ncysed @Lagger







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To blow need da ammo

We had to get new toys for our boys, we contacted Black Syndicate to buy some weapons, a crate of colt's and ak's, we went at their base to have a deal and take a look at their new stolen equipament, it was fine, tested almost all weapons, and cheap equipament, they set a price and we asked for a delievery at our HQ in los santos, it goes well without any trouble.




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Roleplay with Texas Cartel



The Trade with Commando Da Capital


It was a normal day for the cartels,they were waiting for the CDC members for a while as they called the cartels for something.They soon came in the cartel's base.Thwy were there with 4 members and a car full of drugs.They told Leonardo that they want to exchange the drugs in exchange of some cars.The cartels also needed drug and had a quite good amount of cars in stock.So they began by showing by showing the CDC members their cars,they showed them the glendale,remington,stafford and the savana.The CDC members liked all cars but they didnt want that remington cause they had no need of it.After that the cartel's family went to see the drugs.Mr leonardo an borrito checked it themselves and aggreed to take 40kg weed in exchange of the cars they are giving.It was a great deal and the CDC aggreed to it too.At last,the cartels had their drugs,as the CDC had their cars.


Roleplay information

Hoster: Nirjhor (Leonardo)

Participated: Nirjhor (Leonardo),Kybalion (Robbert),Borrito ( Bor), Vinny,Underpants,shapahar,obama.


Screens: http://imgur.com/a/G8EHu



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Just now, Nirjhor. said:


Hot Wheels (Part 1/2)


It was another normal day for the cartels.They had called the CDC yesterday,and was waiting to complete the dead face to face today.The cartels wanted 2 monsters,probably custom made ones.CDC came with 2 custom made monsters,one was a custom made burrito monster,the other one was a sadler monster.

  Reveal hidden contents



Then Mr.Leonardo and Mr.Vinny walked to the meeting room to discuss the price,both of them agreed to a price of 800k for the 2 monsters.After that they shook their hands and said goodbye to each other.

  Reveal hidden contents


After the deal was over,the cartels were ready with the new 2 monsters,as Mr.Leonardo had another custom made monster of his own with those newly bought 2.

  Reveal hidden contents



Why would they need some cars with huge strength and wheels? Find out in the next part!

Roleplay Informations

Participants: CDC and TC

Hoster: Nirjhor Aka Mr.Leonardo



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Roleplay/Story Title: Platinum bats

CDC members present:  [CDC]Louis*, [CDC]Pacman*, [CDC]Pogba, [CDC]Zinyak, [CDC]Jaking

Other players present:  [MMC]TERMINEL[SAA],  [MMC]KhaLeD[*], [MMC]Noisyboy[*]

Roleplay scenario: 
August 26th on a Friday afternoon, the infamous members of Comando Da Capital received a business call from one of their nearby established contacts, Mongols MC. The bikers of the motorcylce club would be expecting a bar fight in the near future and were in need of platinum bets. Members of the cartel had been assigned to sort the order, the melee weapons had been dropped off at Mongols MC base in exchange of a decent sum of money.





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Roleplay/Story Title: Purchasing a stolen vehicle

CDC members present:  [CDC]Louis*, [CDC]Meet, [CDC]Jim*

Other players present:  VM|Sidd, VM|Sjoe, VM|Enemy

Roleplay scenario: 
August 30th on a Tuesday afternoon we received a phone call of an order we made from the Vehicle Maniacs. Though we have carjackers working for our cartel the carjackers from Vehicle Maniacs were able to get in possession of a rare vehicle named the Phoenix. It's a limited edition vehicle which was highly wanted by our cartel. We went over to the garage owned by Vehicle Maniacs to get a closer look to the vehicle, it was in a very good condition thus we proceeded the payment procedure. 




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RolePlay With Organization Zero

On 04/09/2016 at 11:57 PM, Meta said:


We were informed lately , that CDC -a new gang full of Brazilians- had a new shipping of powerful bikes . My passion and love for these beautiful machines were controlling me , I was too curious to go there and see how much these bikes look beautiful


. However , I hate to share 'my' bikes with the others , I know these aren't my bikes .. But I'm an organization Zero member , I'm an emperor , I like stealing Bikes and materials . 


I called Kristina Johnson ,  she's one of the greatest females i ever met inside the gang , she's dangerous , smart and outspoken . She joined the gang after her husband's death in the latest war .

Kristina , was ready for the new mission , we prepared the fake transportation papers and we headed to CDC's base in Los Santos .

I was really surprised , the beautiful bikes were right in front of the garage waiting for me and Kristina , a Brazilian was standing there too . Nothing was hard , we got our guns ready to attack him from the back , Kristina was aiming at him while i took his weapons .


We got him inside the office , to make this -free- deal.

"" Do you have any last words?"" Kristina said  , ''va p'ra puta que o pardiu!!!'' the brazilian answered. Kristina said:"" don't worry all we want to do is killing you , chill out!!''


I was staring at the dead body , that's what i didn't expect , now we need to end the mission faster before anyone comes to this place .


We drove the bikes on our Packet and we took the way to our work shop in Flint County .


Unfortunately, on the way to the work shop we were pulled over in the city of Los Santos . We don't want to make more problems , we're clean , we got the papers we can overcome this situation easily .


Sadly , the officer figured out that the papers were fake , thus i had to persuade him to not jail us after turning off his Radio we had a private conversations .


The cop leaded with Kristina showing him the route to our hidden Work Shop , this way we won't be pulled over and we're safe enough to get there .


I think this won't be the one and only mission with this cop since we got his phone number , and the mission was done perfectly . 

Now the bikes are ready to be driven and  i guess we'll be selling more professional bikes in the market!.

PARTICIPANTS : Kristina , CDC and Organization Zero



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RolePlay With Sons of Anarchy


8 hours ago, -ACE- said:


SONS OF ANARCHY ~ The win win situation.

Today i were talking about some new mechnaics employes with Clay and Jax as i spot a guy selling drugs outside our base at the corner.8mQyXFs.png hehe what a fool we walk up to him and and we confront him. We tell his customer to leave. We talk for a while with this guy apparently This guys is a member of the Comando Da Capital knows as the CDC. We know these guys they are the biggest Drug organization around SA.92OwIbe.png He gives his boss a call. He talks for a while. on their language we cant understand a word. He hangs up.9lpZeWc.png and tells us that his boss knew about what we think about drug dealers in our town apparently his plan all along was to get our attention. Hes very interseted in our Weapon selling and smuggling. He wants to meet us at their place.CxiXKCA.png I head back to the club house to get a huntley the CDC members takes us to the their place.V1jyRBh.jpg After a while we reach the mountains in Los Santos thats were they are located. UBk1551.jpgHe parks the car and another CDC shows us where the boss is we walk up the stairs.FedOdjx.jpg The boss gets up from his chair and welcomes us. Hes very friendly we all sit down and starts to talk. he already knows we dispise drugs. We both know we are a part of a very big and dangerous orgnaization so we dont find it usefull to start a war because of a small thing like this instead  we set up a deal.XwfWqki.png Him and his gang will never sell drugs in our County anymore and he will keep other smaller gangs from doing it aswell. And for their side of the deal they want to buy guns from the sons they know we have the best quality around SA. We accept the deal since we lost our alliance with another crew and we need a new organization to sell guns to. We talk about the prizes and all hes fine with it. I tell him to call us anytime so we can arange a new meeting so they can try out our guns themselves. Uc9b3mN.pngWe shake on the deal. LHRWJmo.pngPiney arrives with some prospects to escort us back to club.vyNQjZO.jpg


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The Visit Fear

Today in the darkness of night we was bored Because we do not have money to buy weapons and we need Them to steal some banks
 But we know that there is a Truck with Weopens Moving at this time ;so we meet  to try to steal it.


after 1 hour we just move  and we stopped it near jefferson .we told him to leave The Truck without Problems but he ignore us and  defend himself.
so we just kill him and we went to our base To each and every one of us takes his weapons.



after some hours some cops attacked our base just to get some Drugs and  our reaction was Normal at first.
but they showed us their weopens and  go to check the Truck.




They asked us for money But we did not have any money at that time  and they was preferred to think to arrest us and stay at Jail




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Title: Day after day

Participants : @#John( TST ) , @Moley , @albach , @-Julio


After having a tough night, losing 10 soldiers after a sudden invasion in the slum, the Officer John went to  Julio to Clarify some things.
He said he had nothing to do with the deaths taken in that place, and they would not do anything about what happened.
But julio I resent the attitude of the police, as are years of coexistence between the two, but Julio could not do anything because the police had nothing what to do about that ,So julio decided to save the memory of the deceased soldiers, and go on with life, because they were aware of all the risks that you have when you  comes to the criminal life 

Then the officer said he did not care and said he was there to take the money, but he had useful information for julio .So julio paid combined bribe  to the police. 
They were planning to meet with another Criminal group, to discuss personal relations, the information that the officer went to julio, it is that the police was investigating and had already the site address the date and time, and were ready to act, then julio thanked for the information, and said to the official return in ten days to get the rest combined.

julio immediately made a call  to the leader of another criminal group, advising on the operation of the police, and told them to cancel the meeting for now, until things were quieter for both sides

Screens : 




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World Day of Bikes

Participants:Organization Zero;Comando Da Capital

One day I decided I and my friends go out to enjoy the day; suddenly we saw  There are those who wander with a Bike and the Bike was so perfect And we remember that Organization Zera Want to buy some bikes; so We said to the man that if he did not give it we will kill him.
and when he saw our weopens he just surrendered and told us that his friends also driving near los santos so we just  telephone our friends to come at our location to take the bike and steal some others .
after 3 hours we steal like 3 or 4 others bikes and we regroup at our base for a talk .
so here we leave our base and we went to Organization Zero base for selling so they take a look at them and all was great and we take a  sit at their home  To reach an understanding on the price and all was good  they take Them All















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mmCdES.png with Red devils MC   

52 minutes ago, ExTrem3! said:


The Drugs Deal

It was 25/9/2016, time: 19:32, Ellos Ranor was searching for marijuana at Red Devils MC base, he was trying to find drugs for more than a hour. He was pissed, he gathered some members of the club there and he told them that they were run out of drugs. They would make a deal with Hell Soldiers but Ellos wanted to try something new. He heard that a new gang was growing called Comando Da Capital. He called them for the meeting. mta-screen_2016-09-25_21-58-45.png
They agreed to meet under Palomino Creek bridge so there wont be police or generally danger. The meet up was on 19:00. The Devils arrived there first as they're base is in Palomino.mta-screen_2016-09-25_21-11-26.png
Comando Da Capital arrived after a few minutes and they all started talking about the drug deal.mta-screen_2016-09-25_21-13-47.png
They showed the Drugs, " seems fine" said Joe. mta-screen_2016-09-25_21-15-53.pngEllos wanted to taste marijuana before they make the deal, he wanted to be sure about they product he is going to buy.mta-screen_2016-09-25_21-16-24.png
The deal was made. Red Devils MC would pay 35.000$ for 3 boxes of marijuana and 2 boxes of cocaine. It was fair enough.

Now Red Devils MC had to go to CDC's headquarters to pick up the drugs. After 2 days,  it was the meeting in Los Santos CDC's base. RDMC left the base early so they wont be late.
They reached Comando Da Capital's base, there were many gang members with AK's, but they werent scared because they had backup if it was needed.mta-screen_2016-09-25_21-27-36.png
Ellos went to check the drugs as Vinny checked the briefcase with the money.mta-screen_2016-09-25_21-28-25.png
They picked up the boxes and putted them in the van, Jeral gave the briefcase to Vinny and it was over.mta-screen_2016-09-25_21-30-21.png

Special Thanks to Comando da Capital and they're members : @VinnyBL @Meet and @Valentino.
Sincerely, Red Devils MC Sergeant at Arms

Post quoted from RDMC media archive
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Roleplay with The Outfit

5 hours ago, Nexroth said:

Roleplay #5

RP Title: Old Files

The Outfit members present: *O|Nexroth

Other players present: [CDC]Eien*,[CDC]Aqua and [CDC]Zinyak

Detailed Scenario (Screen's): Today in the morning I did not know somebody called me and told me to tell you something important.I wondered what was going on and I told him I wanted to meet. Then I brought him here. I asked him what had happened. After getting out of jail a former criminal, he said to me again begin selling illegal drugs. 

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 I told him that we should just get in the car to go to the police station. He also said that to call a friend. He said a friend called her to come and take weapons. Friends came here and took the gun got into the car. At that moment I knew it was something. They began to speak in another language. They think i do not know, but I know the language they speak. They said that to kill me after work has finished. I am continued to behave as if he knew something, too. 

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We came to the police station. Get out to the car, I started checking around. Around, everything seemed normal. We entered the station at a rapid pace. I told them you have to follow me quietly. Immediately we entered the room where the files are located.We started looking for data about and guilty.We couldn't find much about him, but the phone had GPS the address.Immediately we started looking for his whereabouts.

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We found his whereabouts. we got in the car and we started to go to where he is now. We found out that was her at a pizzeria. I asked him to wait outside the pizza place we came to and to , but they said they'd come inside.

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We went in and I told them to be quiet, but they the straight guy she pulled a gun on a hostage they took.They asked the guy some questions, but the man didn't answer. man shot in the leg and the man told me to give one of them to answer. Them again he didn't answer the man, they killed him.

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Then turned to me. Slowly, he grabbed his gun that I saw and I asked them what happened. That man told me that he knows nothing.
I asked him why they killed them. They killed the man they said they were to protect the privacy of the gang. It was my turn and I knew it.
In front of me slowly began to lift the gun towards me. I pulled my first gun from them and killed them both.Then took his phone and I walked away.

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