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Car Cloning


On the morning of this Thursday, day 07/01
The Manager of the Organization Comando Da Capital They received a call from the boss They need to steal a car and Clone and soon after selling it to someone in order to raise money within the Organization.

Then he met some soldiersto help you do all the dirty work.

the Manager found a car parked on a deserted street, then Clem, the specialist in car thefts opened the car easily






Then the Manager and Clem got into the car and took him to shed dismantling
Located in Las Venturas, and were escorted by two soldiers, Filt and Obama, who followed with two  motorcycles until the place








Getting there they did all the heavy lifting, cloned the  car and provided false documents so that the police do not reach them 







After all ready they called the boss, who ordered them to take the car to a specific place, so it can be sold easily
then they did what the boss said , and vain to sell the car soon,as the boss told them 






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Event Type: Last Man Standing
LWS/ZIP: Luiz/Louis
Local: Jefferson Mottel
Winner: Crim.Dave
Any Screens Here:
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                                                                Roleplay With San Andreas Federal Police






Las Venturas 10/01

On the morning of this day  Lend and Bizzle were walking with an ilegal car and robbed by north of Las Venturas,with some weapons and drugs inside the vehicle,the city was calm with no patrol vehicle at that time,were calm with him,but he appeared surprise a car patrolling the neighborhood that highway..


They were very frightened when they heard the sound of the siren, and the officer came to ask the standard questions...

The officer asked to check the vehicle , and when he went inside to check was a surprise, was being kidnapped


He was too scared , did not know who had moved, and the plan of the CDC was to kidnap the police and ask for money for him to be rescued , a common kidnapping..


They were doing frequently asked questions about his family , the money the family had any relatives to contact at that time to give the money to them.


Bizzle went to the van pick up the phone to the official making the call to his wife..


The police warned his wife of the situation that had entered , and asked her to leave the money in the garage of his home in San Fierroiva4weL.jpguQsHCXX.jpgIALndwf.jpgPrdjS3m.jpgddwPIzc.png

He did as planned and survived paying the money to the CDC



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                                                   Roleplay with RDMC

                                                   Title: Selling guns for RDMC






 We were walking the streets of Las Venturas, when bizzle received a call, an old friend of bizzle called him, saying he needed help ...     



Arriving at the address passed by Sneijder, we talked about the service he needed us, and he  wanted to buy some weapons what was missing in the arsenal of his gang;.





Bizzle and Lend were looking for a way to search for weapons, for Sneijder, and had the idea to rob a gun store in Las Venturas...



And they put into practice the theft, taking all the weapons they could give  to Sneijder...







They were hurriedly leaving the site before the police arrived...


arriving at the place of delivery, sneijder was arrested and they had to deliver the goods to another member  of his gang ...





He went to the safe of his gang, to get the amount decejada for the CDC ...





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Day by day


One of a several RP's we will post about how we are like in real life. Our gang is based on a Brazilian organization crime called PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital) and any others organization crimes in Brazil (States Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Bahia, etc... and the own government, lawmakers).

At our Drugs den, the boss are protected by your soldiers and with one manager by drugs den. A normal day in Los Santos after crop our webs, a playboy bill come to our drugs den to buy.



The scenario is an habitual about others organization, abandoned streets, slums, hills and etc. A boss stay in your position back the soldiers and waiting for a buyer with a dealer. Cocaine (yeyo) is the most sold to rich people, then cannabis and heroin.


If you wanna enter in a slum with a car, you need to blink 2 times the headlights, case this doesnt happen, your car will be shooted by our soldiers.


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The Start, First view



Behind the scenes


After few days trying to make contacts in Los Santos, we found our new base. Drugs Den, new base and a good warehouse, now the game began.



A short brief to order our base and we start.


Hard days are comming and we will try to make a new chapter in the quiet city of Los Santos. Many rascals trying to fuck your business, cops around you at all times, too hard to work peacefull.




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Valuable Medications 

On Sunday night, one managers of the Comando da Capital  gang of managers received the link from the leader, with information that a truck with special drugs were coming in the direction los santos, and would be delivered to a pharmacy of region 

All they had to do was go up to the truck and steal the cargo, before he got up to this pharmacy


Then, the manager called some of his soldiers experts in theft and torture, to help him  do all the dirty work

Then the soldiers were warned and told to go up to the base of the gang to get together and go to the assault





Coming up to the trucker was ordered him to stop and turn over the vehicle keys
but he turned a difficult and not handed over the keys,
 then CDC Members decided to take it up to the base with the vehicle,
 A member of the gang was inside the truck, not to be compromised the Load 






Coming up to the base, members of the gang surrendered the trucker, and then the manager ordered trucker  be executed, not to have witnesses
Then the trucker was executed coldly, by not getting off the vehicle of reason, when he was ordained him
After the trucker be dead , the members of the gang took the load and put in a Mini Van, and took up the Drug Den , so it could be refined and soon after be distributed to the soldiers of the gang, to be sold in the favela









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The Beginning of a New Era





On the afternoon of Thursday, the gang's manager CDC received a Call  of  a manager of another gang

Saying he wanted to buy a quantity of drugs, and had some plans for both sides.

 Henry : Hey Hey Julio,wasup 

Julio : Hello Henry , I'm here selling some drugs around Los Santos

Henry : Wow,Let's have a conversation about the future, you can find me in Las Colinas with some of your members ? 

Julio : Sure ,let meet there now .

Henry : Bring some of your drugs, I will see if it is good quality haha

Julio : Alright .


Julio then called some of his soldiers, to see what was the idea of henry
and also took a quantity of drugs



After Organize all drugs, it went straight to them hills with his members




Getting there, Julio met Henry, who wanted to try drugs to see if it was good quality





Henry : One has an amazing julio quality, but I have to ask a member to make sure that it also


Julio : Alright ,do it 4


Henry : Lets have a talk when my soldiers are experiencing it





Henry :Then Julio, see all this area Poor,This is almost abandoned,I i have plans for that area, and wanted you to help me in that!


Julio : Alright,explain your idea then .


Henry :All this can be ours, can be owned by our gangs, we can use this area to market our drugs You behind the drugs, and some soldiers, I come with some soldiers too, and we have enough profit here


Julio : hmm ,I'm Enjoying the idea


Henry : But we have some problems, has another gang in Los Santos, if we are in a deal, we have to go immediately her, to let them warned

Julio : I liked the idea, then we close a deal!




So after Closing the deal, they went straight to Groove Street to post a comment for the gang that controls it
they did not see them near the new area that they command, or there would be war.





Getting there they yielded the gang that controls that area, and began to say what  was going on




Henry : Hello Grove Street Families, if you guys think you are one family
we are here to make it clear that now, these Las Colinas  is controlled by Texas Cartel and Comando da Capital 
I would say that we do not want to see its members near our area or there will be war, because we are ready to defend our area



Derrick :Understand, and also know that you will want to expand the business, also we are ready to defend our area


JulioWe do not want that shit Territory


Henry : We will not want to take your area, we have enough on our territory, so do not want you guys walk there 


Henry : I hope you understand, tell everyone that now Las Colinas  is commanded by CDC and TC, and if someone tries to break ... will come out of it in a coffin.




So they left that territory, and returned to las Colinas 
And are sending a message to all of Los Santos , that now there is commanded by them





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