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Got a key for this game:








EDIT : same game as maybar ! for someone who don't wanne make an account or for ppl who are to late to request theirs :)

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Make sure to read EVERYTHING that it says carefully as you won't get it straight away and you need to do a few things to become eligible.

Win an iPad Air

You've now been entered into a prize draw to win an iPad Air! We will notify the winner after voting closes on the 20th October 2014.

What i got on mail when finished voting ... is it a game or ipad?

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(Dont know if posted before) Payday: The Heist will be 24h free on steam on the 16th

Which is not a giveaway



That wasn't a giveaway either, next time you wanna play professor do it better

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It's ok but the difficulty spikes is rediculous, the police don't really come in waves as they're endless although the heists themselves were done better than Payday 2's.

Payday 2 is still a better game overall as it's just got a ton more variety even if a bunch of the heists are lame copy pastes

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