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Ingame Name: Elegant.
Real name: Emanuel.
Age: 15
Nationality: Israeli
Timezone: 2+ GMT
Languages able to speak: Hebrew, Russian, English

Current Server Groups: 

ProCop (PC)

Military Experience: N/A
Participation on DE recruitments: None.

Access to ZIP or admin panel: N/A
Access to other special abilities ingame: N/A
Access to TS: I've access to TS.
Access to IRC: I've access to IRC

How would you define DE: I would define DE as the saviors and the guards of the San Andreas as they fight against CLO and try to stop them so the citizens of San Andreas would be safe and they we're created to protect the citizens from anyone that literally can harm the San Andreas, DE has various units that each one focuses on one thing, for example Airborne unit: they use most of the time planes I believe and Assault unit deals with ground team and mostly focus with Tanks and main combat weapons and such and there's is another unit that is Naval Unit which basically deals with enemies that are on water, they mostly located on huge ships on the sea and they can fire huge bombs from there to A location for example at CLO base or something and yeah, There's also Special Forces unit which I think master everything basically and are veterans of DE and knows the rules and structure of DE as they know their right hand.
How would you define MCC: I would define MCC as they're another group for in need for any situation as they're also separated in few units such as Mechanical Engineering and Logistics and Reserves, each of them have their duty, for example, Mechanical Engineering can deal with vehicles, Logistics are members that ship supplies from A to B and they have to be very and by I mean very, I mean it, they need to be very good at driving, they need to think fast and handle stuff in stressful moments like in driving and such, and Reserves... they're like semi-soldiers, they do almost same as DE does, they need to know how to use guns properly and teamwork mostly as it is a key for success and knowledge of Military Bases and of the San Andreas it self, and basically be aware of their surroundings at all times.

Why would you like to join MCC: I would like to join the MCC because I wanna become a part of DE, and I want to protect the citizens of my country and serve them and make sure they're safe and that none shall harm them and I wanna  be one of them a San Andreas proud soldier that guards its country, and I think I can do my best to be part of MCC.
Why should we accept you: You should accept me because I'II push the whole of my best towards MCC and make myself an great MCC member, I'm also a great at teamworking and I never argue with members when they tell me what to do or anything like that, I'II do whatever it takes in teamworking, I'm a great guy that acts maturely and doesn't complains, I'm also a good shooter, mostly with M4 and Combat Shotgun, I'm great in driving as I can keep myself cool in stressful situations as I'm a chill dude and I can handle all the stressful moments, I'm also good with parachuting, nothing really much to say about that but yeah.

RolePlay Experience: My RolePlay experience I acquired from bunch of RP servers and I've been there for quite a while and I've been in different gangs there and in police forces and I think I've enough experience in RP for the 2-3 years of me playing in RP servers.
Able to follow orders: Of course.
What MCC Department would you like to join: Reserves Team.

Experience with trucks:
Experience with airplanes:
Experience with ships:
Experience with logging and reporting:
Imagination review (how creative are you):

Mechanical Engineering:
Experience with ZIP panel:
Able to work fast:
Knowledge of SA map:
Imagination review (how creative are you):
Spatial Awareness (you're good at maths, physics, and estimating spaces etc.):

Former Combat groups: Special Weapons And Tactics [SWAT]
Teamwork rate: Well, I'm a good teamworker which never argues in moments when I'm being told on what to do and I always do my best to keep my teammates back safe and I'm also informing every movement I see or do so nothing goes wrong always and as I said before, teamwork is key of success and I think I'm pretty good in teamworking [10/10]
Able to resist variability: I'm able to resist variability as I'm a quick learner and I can understand rules quickly with no problems.
Resistant for stress and heavy workload: I am indeed resistant for stress and heavy workload as I said before, I'm cool in stressful situations and heavy workload

Emotionally unstable: I'm emotionally stable.

If you can read this, post a picture of rhino inside A69 with your application to even be consired.





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Applications will be answered shortly after further discussions. If you have a legitimate reason for missing the application stage, please PM me on the forum and we'll evaluate whether or not you should have the chance to apply. Results will be posted below this post.

On behalf of the DE MCC HQ team.

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