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Hello everyone, this is the media archive Drift Cities.

I ask you not to leave any comments here if you are not a member of DDC


Roleplay Format & Activity Format & Event Format&Training:


*Event Number*

  • Event type:
  • LWS/G6:
  • Prize:
  • Winner:
  • ScreenShots:

*RP Number*

  • The RP Title
  • Participants:
  • Story:
  • ScreenShots:



  • Date:
  • ScreenShots:


  • Date:
  • ScreenShots:









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~RP Number 1~

*Money for Security*

  • Participants: Drift Cities's Member & Unknown  Cop
  • Story: Tomorrow I think we will do some Illegal Races at midnight so I thought about getting secured from 1 day. So I called a cop to deal with him for money. After he told me where to meet I went there and waited for him there leaning cigars. When he came I waved to him telling him that I was the one on the phone. After we talked a bit about what does he need for this job of money. He followed me with his car to the place of the race After I put the Money in his car's Trunk. After a day of the race that Drift Cities Won Cops came to us. So the cop that we purchased told them that it was Legal Race and I was guarding them in the race like all the Legal races that happen during the day.
  • Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/C506Uql

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~RP Number 2~

*Easy money*

Drift Cities - One of the famous drifting team.  Everyone knows it as drifters who want to lift the city from their knees.  They also have a store where they sell special spare parts for cars.  But They sell not only goods for cars ... At night They buy up grass and weapons bandits.  Deliver this all in the daytime, and buy it at night.  Today I went to the supplier for the goods.



Arriving at the point, I talked with the supplier about the weight of the goods and in general about life.  After that, we went to see the goods.  Evaluating the grass, we took bags and dragged into my car.





After doing the job, I said goodbye to him, and immediately took the wheel.  I had to travel a few kilometers, because it is better to go around all the posts than to go to jail.  Arriving at our store, I left the car in my pocket at the entrance.





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New Tires RP
Participants: Quality, @Frankestein

Story: It was time for some new cars for our base. After testing out some cars, me and my friend Frank, decided to buy an Elegy and ZR-350 for the club. Out of all the cars, those specific ones stood out the most. When we bought the cars, we kept a reminder that we will add some new wheels, therefore the stock ones will be removed.

Arriving in style.
You may ask why would we do that? Well, the reason it's pretty simple. Our "friend" in the town won't sell us just cars accessories in the future, he's more important than you may think. He's a private associate of someone with a lot of power. That gives him the ability to sell certain items that you cannot get on the regular market. By cutting the price in half ( since we provide him with something we can't speak about), we are able to buy quality wheels and tires at a much lower price than usual. This is all you need to now for now.

Discussing prices, models and having a laugh.
Here you can take a look at some of details of the RP. Below are the before wheels. The stock and fairly cheap ones.

Stock wheels.
The ones our friend sold us are made from pure 100% Titanium. We told you! That shit ain't cheap and it's not available to the public. Here are the new ones. The main reason we decided to go with Titanium, is because when you drift, you need strong fuckin' wheels along with the best rubber to burn!

New Aftermarket wheels.

After everything was set and we were pleased with the result, we left the place in style, like we always do!

A ZR-350 & Elegy entering a corner in the streets of Los Santos.

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RolePlay Number #4

"Drift Race for money."

Story: Today my friends argued who the first finish in the drift race, but in order to hold this race, we had to pick up our cars from the garage.  We met at our base and went for our cars.


22.png.02deee296d89ceab5424fde6099af623.png  5afb0af5c77a4_-2.png.069cddf07c974490f4c6d94a7798ddf5.png

Arriving in our garage, we took our car and went to the track, which was organized by a member of the team.


Arriving on the road, we agreed to play for money.  The jackpot was $ 20,000.  After discussing all the rules of the game, we checked the cars and went to the start line.  On my command they started one lap.  A few minutes later my deputy arrived first.


Having given money to the winner, My deputy and of course the best friend threw away a little dough, A loser cried on the sidelines.



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"Buying wheels for a race"

Participants: Kuny , @Noisyboy

Story: We had a drag race at San Fiero. Today I looked in our garage to see if everything is enough for this race. I checked the wheels, there were not enough 8 wheels for two cars. I asked the guys where I can buy fast and high quality wheels. They told me a good seller of wheels specifically for drift and drag race. I learned from them the address of the garage of this seller and went to him. When I came to the seller named Tom he met me in his garage. I asked him about the wheels. He showed and advised the best wheels for drift and drag race. He sold me the wheels and together we put 4 wheels on my car, then I put the other 4 wheels in the trunk, I paid him $ 250 for these wheels.

Arrival at the garage.


Contract what wheels do I need.


Tom decided to check the engine of the machine so that if something was replaced.


Tom advised which is better to take the wheels for drift and races.


Tom chooses the best quality wheels he has.


After Tom found the best quality wheels he had, we started to insert them.


After Tom and I put the 4 wheels in my car, I paid him.


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*Event Number #5*

  • Event type: Drage Race
  • LWS/G6: [AA]Kybali0n @Kybali0n
  • Prize: $1M
  • Winner: Bird
  • ScreenShots:

**Screenshots of the Drage Race track and players:**







**First round winners:**






**2nd round winners:**



**3rd round, final round winner: Bird**



The winner:vxboTkU.jpg

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                                                                                         *RP Number 6 *

  • The RP Title: Mechanic Call.
  • Participants:Mech.Flippo
  • Story:Was day,I  was drifiting on the street Red Country, i forgot to change my wheels car and i broke two wheels.I called at Mechanic and after 5 mins , he was at me .He picked up my car and go to repair centre,i bought  new wheels .I thanked him and left the Los Santos road.
  • ScreenShots:https://imgur.com/gallery/rzJ9A1M


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Event Number #7


  • Event type: Kart Race
  • LWS/G6: [AA]Zombie @Zombie
  • Prize: $1,000,000
  • Winner: [ThC]Petrow 
  • ScreenShots:





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