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*RP Number 7*

~Spare parts for wheelbarrows~

  • Story:
  • Drift & Drag Cities This is a popular team that has its own store with spare parts.  And so, one day, they needed to purchase spare parts.  Since spare parts they bought stolen, of course, cheap and wholesale.  Arriving at the man, I talked to him about the product and the amount.  Paying with him, we said goodbye.  He left, and I began to load the spare parts.  After downloading all the spare parts for the cars, I went to our store, when I arrived there, I left the car in my pocket at the store and left.
  • ScreenShots:
  • Spoiler



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Title: DDC Restaurant Roof Renovation 
Company hired: Quality LLC, Owner Jack Daniels.
Date: 5/18/2018



After opening his new restaurant located in Montgomery, Red County, DDC Leader Kaio Lerov, was looking to renovate the roof on the new restaurant in order to make it guest-friendly. He wanted to make sure he will hire the best of the best in order to achieve what he has planned in mind.

Lucky for him, he had all the contacts in town and knew exactly who to call. He hired Quality LLC, whose owner's name is Jack Daniels. He's had work done in the past by them, therefore he knows they are worth it. He quickly got in touch with the owner, since he knew him personally, in a way, and told him what he needed. After a thoughtful discussion, they reached a price and a building design. 

Quality LLC did the job faster than the actual projection time, which made Lerov very happy. One of the most beautiful aspects of the work the company has done is to achieve a view like this:

You can also check the RP on ZIP Topic: http://test.saesrpg.uk/topic/134/zip-roleplays-storys-and-builds/5

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                                                                                         *RP Number 8 *

  • The RP Title:,,We need to hellp all drifters"
  • Participants:[DDC-H]Alex
  • Story:Was 10:10th. i come at Taxi place and training, and i see a guy, he say at me ,why he like my car and my drift , i talk with him , and he not have cars for drift ... . And i think ,, i want to see him Happy" , and i talk with him about a new car , and we come at Los Santos to bay a new car for him , i give him money for Elgy (a good and nice car for drift ) and after he tuned the car . after 1 hour he showed me his skills and abilities ,i talked to him about a new and nice Group , his name is [DDC]-Drift ,Drag & Cities. , iproposed to join in the group , said he wanted to come.
  • ScreenShots:https://imgur.com/gallery/e8JjI9l





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