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Van Carjacked

Story: Like Always I do  Leaning Marianna, I heard my Phone Ringing and it's one Of Mid Night Club called Tonny. He is in need of A van where he can Put So many Drugs and Arms to transport. I think that I have seen one near Las Venturas famous Restaurant Big Chicken As I Remember and it's located in the North. So I got my car and went there and it's really was there parked. After checking it. I got my gun and attacked 2 shots and it's opened. The door was broken, So it did too much noise, Luckily that in the restaurant was too much music too. So I got in the car and start driving it after cracking it system with the Secret Stuff of Wild Angels. Then I got Paid for that when I reached Mid Night Club Base



Created by : Pump

Edited by Bangas-->

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Event Type : 1 vs 1 Rifle

LWS/G6 : Kybali0n

Prize : 1.000.000

Winner : CripZ>Ment







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16 minutes ago, Pump said:


*RP Number 146*  

*Perfect Idea*

~Part Two~

  • Participants: Wild Angels & Mid Night Club 
  • Story: As I said Urban got an Idea and it's a good one. It speaks about Calling Mid Night Club to help us in transporting this Car to Warehouse, So I called Urban to go to the Warehouse with the Admiral and When MNC deliver the Car he calls. I went to their base and there I found the person called "Zeel" waiting for me after I called him when I was in WA base. So I told him about the deal. After he accepted without any problem I gave him the Carjacked Car and I leaned my Cigar waiting for Urban's Call. I opened my Phone to see if there's a new Message or Something. when I was searching, Urban Called and told me that their mission is done. I went to my car's Trunk and took the bags of money that I got with me and waited for him. After He came he put the money in their gang's Garage. Then he came and we shook Hands. I came back to Base happy with what I did for our Warehouse. 
  • Screenshots:https://imgur.com/a/xUL4LJ3



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5 minutes ago, Pump said:



*RP Number 163*  

*Done with Arms.*

  • Participants: Wild Angels & MNC  
  • Story: As all know Wild Angels the new Gang is getting better and Better as a proof of that we got a new base So we need to change the place of Arms between the bases I know that MNC is the best for this mission which consists on Transporting Arms from The old Prop to the new one. After I knew that they are doing a party and 2 Members are guarding there I went to their base without calling them. When I reached there As  I said I found the 2 Members guarding. I told them about the mission they accepted it after I showed them the money. We transported the guns from our car's Trunk to their one. I sent to him the Location after getting his Phone number. After 15 minutes as I think they came back. To not get Scammed, I called Seth to ask him if MNC came with the guns he told me, Yes and I finished putting it in the new Base. After I paid them, He told me that they can Transport for them Drugs next time for free. Unfortunately, We have done this Job.
  • Screenshots:  https://imgur.com/a/etYjawn


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