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First Deal #1

Participants : Mid Night Club & Wild Angels

At the end of the normal day, the Mid Night Club were having their first meeting, at that meeting the Vice leader Bangas demonstrated their interest in having some weapons to make some assaults and to defend the illegal races.
So Eusebio, the president of the club, contacted Pump an arms dealer who is part of the Wild Angels gang.
Pump arrived at the base of the Mid Night Club and brought some weapons for them to see, and Eusebio asked Tonny one of his racers to test the guns.
Tonny told Eusebio that the guns were fine for what they were going to do.
So Eusebio ask to bangas to bring the money from the car , and told to Tonny and Wild Angels boys to take the guns to inside of the vehicle
Eusebio so bought the weapons from Pump and he spent about $ 10,500 on weapons and munitions.

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~Drugs Delivery~        

Participants : Mid Night Club & Wild Angels


" I got a solution to a lot of things when the new gang Mid Night Club is finally opened. One of them is describing this RolePlay which consists of Transport (their role). So without thinking, I called them for a drugs delivery. They accepted without any problem, I went to Their base maybe, and there I made the drugs in their trunk.  After that, we did a good deal before a member of them came to intercept it saying that we need extra cash for this its drugs. But the leader made him shut his mouth, Then they delivered it when I was leaning marijuana. When they came back and I've called Expert to be sure that the delivery is there I paid them what we have dealt off. and that's what happened in this Roleplay  "

Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/OJHY3


Story writed by : @Pump

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After we finish the business with Wild Angels we decided to act, we planed something siple fast and that should work. 

We took the guns and we drove to a store in Bone county,I stoped the Huntley and the plan was in practice,we fled the shop and his owner offered a lot of resistance so I was forced to stop him, I hit him with the shotgun on his head and he fell unconscious, we robbed the cash register, some alcoholic drinks and we ran away.

The plan was successful, so we went to a bar to have some fun, we were very drunk while we played billiards. This is the life of those who live in the euphoria of the roads.













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Activity screen







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Getting Support


As I Said Today is Expert's Birthday like he is one of my closest friends, I can't stop drinking. After they left me on the bar at about 2:00 am I didn't find a solution to get to Base. I remembered that Mid Night Club gave me their number if I need another thing after I sold them Weapons, So I called one of them maybe they can drive me to base with cash of course. Their Leader answered telling me that he will send their driver for this mission and he is Tonny. I thought that I'll wait him long but in 2 mins he came. We talked a bit about the place he will drive me to & the price ... Then we got on our way. I still don't know how I remembered all of these Pieces of information. When we got to Wild Angels Base I paid him the money that we dealt off then I went sleeping in my house happy with this deal.  

story created by Pump

Screenshots(taked by Pump)














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Secret documents

Participants : Mid Night Club & Comando da Capital

Mid Night Club needed be information about criminal activities of gang The company, Eusebio requested Comando da Capital provide necessary documents about ThC.


After soon members of Mid Night Club and Comando da Capital at the named place, where appreciated documents, negotiated a price and deal was successful committed.





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Revenge at all cost. Part 1.

Participants: MNC|>Eusebio|L, MNC|>Bones, [TT]Kawaii


Today we met one man who can carry valuable information to us. We taken him to our gang club and the conversation starts here(informant took the money also). Saddly, TT member was under drugs a little what made talking more harder. Anyway we got all what we need after hour and the leader become angry because negative info was about The Company again.


20 minutes later: discussion with boss led to the decision to start playing not according to the rules.

...Continuation in part 2...












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We stole what is stoled .

Participants: Mid Night Club & CripZ


One morning we received information that the CripZs were doing some kind of danger to the Midnight Club, and Eusebio decided to pick one of his best members named Zeel.

 He warned Zeel to bribe one of the CripZ members to that he would open the door for him.

When Mid Night Club arrived at the Cripz base everything was as planned, one of the CripZ members opened the door for us.

Eusebio soon told Zeel to carry BMW with all he find . So Eusebio and Zell carried weapons, ammunition, documents, car parts, and many other things.
But there was a problem, the CripZs were alerted and Eusebio and Zeel had to run, as they left through the door the Cripz began to make a chase after Mid Night Club.

But Eusebio, with his experience of driving in a few minutes, left CripZ behind , Zeel told to  Eusebio to keep the things he had stolen at the Los Santos deposit so as not to take any risk.



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Ordering a car

Today, MNC decided that we needed a new car for our illegal races, so we decided to call WA to order a new Mustang. So we talked on the phone about the place we were supposed to meet. They arrived at our base and we discussed about the car we wanted for them to steal. The same day they found a car matching our descriptions. The next day we met again for the to deliver the car at the same spot. I inspected the car to make sure that was all fine. I paid and after that they left.









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Driving Wild Angels

Today i was relaxing, drinking and smoking in a bar located in BoneCounty when some Wild Angels appeared, I was a bit worried because i or they didn´t set any meet, they approached and Pump took the lead in the conversation.

They wanted MNC to do a transporting job, I was not expecting the proposal because people always call before meet me or any other head quarter but they said that it was to important to be treated on the phone. Anyways i had nothing to lose, it was just hearing what they had to say, think a lot about the risks and give an answer.

We entered in the bar,wild angels made sure that everyone had left and no one came, Pump put the plan on the table and started to explain, i was surprised with his briliant mind this had evrything to be successfull.

I took my time i thougth alot about the risk how i was doing it,yes because i was not going to leave an important job like this one in the hands of a normal racer or driver. Finaly i was diceded to do it.

I told them to folow me, we needed to set up a few thing in our base.They did it .When we arrived the base me and Eusebio explained that they had to choose the cars, it was all about the need they felt. We Gave them 4 options :

-Very fast but it was very noticeable;

-Fast but only part of the car is that it was armored;

-Not so fast but fully shielded;

-Fast but discreet.

Wild angels choose to do it faster as we can,so we decided that we were going to use a costumized BMW.

In the next day i arrived wild angels base and catch them up,the plan was in action, I drove them till San Fierro bank and drop them off, they left the car running into the bank started to rob and i prepaired the car outside to the escape. They came running ,they got in the car i jsut drove them so fast and so perfectly that was just a few minutes until arrive their base ,the cops didn´t have time to arrive the bank and persuit us.It was just in time and perfectly executed.

To finish the deal Pump paid me and gave an additional extra because of the good job.





















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Choosing a Club House

Today, MNC decided that we needed a Club House for our gang. Nothing special like a entire building but something where we can do our businesses alone without the cops bothering. So, me and Eusebio started looking for a new house that will be our Club House.

After going around town and looking at 3 properties we found just the perfect one for us.

The first one that we saw was too much for us, because we are a gang not a .

The second house we took a look at it but we still didn't like that house because it's too tall and we don't need a skyscraper.

But like we always say third time's the charm. We loved the third house, it's perfect for us because it has a lot of space to park our cars and has a big interior too. It has a bar and a office where we can have reunions and talk about the gang generally or privately about a member.

Screenshots :











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Revenge at all cost pt 2

Participants: Mid Night Club & The Company

On a normal day, we received information that the ThC would be off base. Eusebio also received the information that the ThC were going to participate in a race of 10,000,000 $ but eusebio did not want them to participate, so eusebio contacted zeel one of its members to that he would make a bomb to blow up the cars at the base of the ThC.
And so Zeel had ordered a bomb at a nearby shop.

The whole gang met at the base, they took a BMW and started making the trip to San Fierro.
After they reached the base of the ThC m the Mid BNight Club went into hiding.
Eusebio sent Zeel to plant the bomb, Zeel began to plant the bomb, then Eusebio  told  to Tonny and Zepek to be aware of the entrances

After Zeel planted the bombs they all started running.
As soon as the Midnight Club exploded, they fled at full speed.
After arriving at the Club House in Los Santos, Eusebio met with all the members and explained that the Mid Night Club is living a very good time.







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Preparing for A race

Participants:Wild Angels & Mid Night Club

Story: Once I can reflect and stay without any problem, I get a call from a gang for a mission or a deal and that's what happened today. When I was playing social games with Pump, I received a call from the Mid Night Club Leader to deal with him in a rather expensive deal. So I accepted the store and brought him a medium amount of marijuana and waited for him with a pump. After we came, we started the deal, which consisted of giving them medicines to make us an illegal race for great angels just like we can make our gang more famous and famous. However, I have shown him drugs after we have made a deal of the race. Take it after testing it and place it in the trunk. We shook hands with each other and he told me he owed me and wanted to deal with other deals and then returned to MNC. So, I went with Pump to Play Social Games again maybe I can have a good reflex.



Created by:Urban


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No life without Drugs

Story: No one didn't know the Party that MNC will do after a week. To prepare itself, The gang called me for some Drugs. It's the most important thing that all can't Do a party without it. I didn't answer No. So I got my car from the Parking then I went to see can this deal make a lot of Money and it's really Did. When I got there I found him waiting for me with all the Patience he got to see What I got for him. We talked a bit when I showed him The goods. When you see his Face you will be happy by yourself. He was Interested in Fuck. He got all that I got that time in Trunk. Then he paid and we shook hands like all Friends do.


Created by:Pump

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