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I suggest that truckers (ALT in mind) are able to use Artict 1 trailer to transport special goods. The trailer'll have a simple mod. 
About the suggestion:

  • You're able to transport goods from warehouses to customers, e.g. NNB (cruisers, weaponry etc) as seen in image below.
  • The trailer matches the recently added Roadtrain, making a great pair.
  • Functional doors allowing you to alt gr to open/close them. A script can connect trailer to truck, allowing for light activation outside night time.OaVGNut.png
  • A (possibly) less buggy trailer, more convenient to cruise.
  • Customers are able to have their trailers customised through shading (as seen below), provided they meet the level requirements (replacement of billboards).



My idea on how the new jobs would work, in notes:

You drive to a warehouse or industrial area and load up your truck, by simply entering a marker and staying there for 30 seconds. 

When the trailer is fully loaded with the cargo (e.g. 2x police cruisers in a crate each), the plain trailer transforms into the certain trailer using customised colors and a shader image for the advertisement. This can be done through a script so you can connect the shaders + settings into the missions themself (I guess that's how it would be done).

Upon arriving at the location you must enter a marker, which will completely freeze the trailer, pushing the hookup's down and allowing the truck to carry on. 


As the trailer is frozen, it's now up to the customers to pick a forklift and enter  the trailer which is frozen. Bear with me, each marker needs to have an exact coordinate so that when the forklift enters the marker, a ramp will spawn allowing you to drive up into the trailer. 

Now all that's left to do is unload the cargo and then the trucker will be paid and may head off.


Any shaders will obviously be free of charge done by me

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Just seeing it having a nice interior is probably a +1 for me.


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Thought I'd point out that the oversize trailer is supposed to remain available. This suggestion doesn't involve replacing the oversize with my mod.

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